The Chilton Team Gives Back

Lance and Anne Chilton

A message from The Chilton Team:

This year we are focusing our charitable efforts on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at RVH. And it’s personal.

Shortly after our good friends welcomed their son, Thomas, into the world, he required the life-saving care of RVH’s NICU. The NICU medical team deserves as much support as we can give them to ensure the best outcomes for babies like Thomas who need a little extra support after birth.

The NICU touches the lives of so many local families, and we are proud to donate a portion of our revenues through 2022. And we encourage you to help also if you can.

Lance & Anne Chilton, Broker of Record, & Sales Representative, The Chilton Team.

Supporting the expansion of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Our vision is to offer the best possible care for all women, children, and families, while giving babies a healthy start to life, with acute and complex care for when wee ones arrive ahead of schedule. And as they grow, we give kids of all ages the specialized care they need to keep on enjoying just being kids. 

Our aim is to expand our specialized spaces and make state-of-the-art upgrades to our equipment and technology. The current space in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is woefully inadequate, about one-fifth of the space that is standard for baby, care-giver and family.

Priority Initiatives 

  • A rebuilt Birthing Unit, redesigned for the comfort and participation of families in the birth of their newest member
  • A new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with cutting-edge equipment and enough space to provide the special care babies who arrive as early as 10 weeks ahead of schedule need
  • Six new bassinets in the NICU
  • New clinics designed especially for new parents and kids include:
    • Diagnostic clinic
    • Development clinic
  • Urgent follow-up clinic to support kids recovering from treatment back at home
  • Additional exam rooms, interview rooms, and group rooms
  • Specialized care like fetal heart imaging and genetics counseling

About the Chilton Team

The Chilton Team believes in putting their clients first. It all begins with listening to the client, then giving honest, candid answers and analysis based on market data and the client’s priorities. The goals of the client drive the process. The Chilton Team believes that when their clients win, they have succeeded.

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